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December, 27th 2009

Some news for the interested audience: DANIEL shortly joined SUN CAGED, Netherland`s premier prog metal band (link to the band on our "links"-page). As VANILLA REX more or less is a studio project now with SUN CAGED DANIEL is able to play gigs, tours and festivals on a higher level VANILLA REX would be able to play. Nevermind! DANIEL will not leave VANILLA REX and will work further on our new album with us. We salute to SUN CAGED for the highly skilled and crazy bass player now in their rows! There's hardly a better to fit, guys!
Along with DANIEL's work with the guys of SUN CAGED it seems there will be some interesting options for our forthcoming album to grow musically. Be prepared for more news from our recordings!

October, 9th 2009

We again feature DANIELs video on youpoop as I lost the last 2 entries by editing this what? News will appear soon enough you dicks! :-P

June, 27th 2009

DANIEL has filmed a video for BASSLAB showing his new bass BASSLAB STD-9 with VANILLA REX inlays. It's available on Youtube...and, of course, here!

April, 4th 2009

Hi Folks...long time no hear!
After we resolved some personal "pro-musician" and also some technical issues at our studio we're going on - as a 3-piece - to record our new jewels. If you see any wildcards for pics...don't care. We had a claim from a "pro-musician" didn't want so see her face on our pages...we also won't so we deleted these files. There will be new pics soon. ...leaving that shit alone... We're continuing in recording our new stuff now after resolving some technical difficulties because of new hard- and software (we have to thank MOTU for that). As VANILLA REX is running as a project of the 3 left bandmates now - more or less, KLAUS has joined BLACKSITE, a new formation of experienced musicians want to do the real Heavy Metal. This is away from all progressive stuff. It's raw power!
Check out the band's website: BLACKSITE

September, 20th 2008

Some annoying news from VANILLA REX again! After Carsten has left the band nearly a year ago of personal reasons and a lack of time because of family and work issues, we now had to part with singer DANY last week. After rehearsing our songs for more than 1 1/2 years we had to recognize she's simply not the right singer for VANILLA REX in many ways. It also seemed that she had more energy for and interest in her other projects during the last weeks so we decided to let her go. VANILLA REX will now continue as a 3-piece with DIRK on drums, DANIEL on bass and backing vocals and KLAUS on guitar and lead vocals. We're all fed up in searching new musicians and having to make the experience again and again that most of them are not able or not willing to work for success or making big words but realizing nothing. Most of them are simply only blowhards don't knowing what's necessary to make some music seriously. Stay tuned for our first recordings as a "the three funny two"!

April, 18th 2008

Check out our "Lil' secrets"-section of the page for new videos of the recordings of TALES OF BEER AND PIZZA (just a working title). Tell us what you want to get filmed and also what you want to see - we'll film it -> you'll see it - if we don't film it -> you won't see it! That'll make a sociological thing of stuff happen...but none of us don't know anything about it or gives any shhhh..t!

February, 29th 2008

As promised: The first new photos of the recording sessions are online now! Check out our "pictures"-page!

February, 22nd 2008

Our forums on this website powered by Gearjammer will be closed shortly because we think there's no need for them anymore. If you want to contact the band in future please use the contact button on this page! For our German buddies and fans we have also founded a group @ German social network Wer kennt wen ( At this group a forum is included so you'll be able to discuss VANILLA REX related stuff there in future! Just sign in to Wer kennt wen and search for VANILLA REX @ group search or visit the page of any band member where you'll find the group listed, too!
We'll have the first pics of our current recording sessions on our "pictures"-page very soon!

January, 29th 2008

Oooops...we'll do it again!
Today we started to record our new songs for the next output. DIRK, as always, will be the first in line to drop his parts on the harddisk. We got four new songs ready for recording and one in mind. Titles will t.b.a. Despite the fact we have not found a new keyboarder yet, we'll record our takes and make up our mind later about the key-baiter performing on the record later. So the next few weeks will be destined by drums! We'll let you know how the work progresses and how we're doing with it. Maybe some new photos will find the way to this website... we'll see (therefore I especially have some people in my mind lying on the couch during their breaks reading porn magazines...harharhar!), ...and NO! Not only the guys are the ones doing it! Stay tuned, folks!

December, 23rd 2007

VANILLA REX wish all of you merry christmas and a happy new year 2008! We hope you all had a nice and successful year with lots of fun and we wish you the same for the next! Go for it! VANILLA REX hope you all will support the band even the next years as you did last year and 2005. Again not all stakes were high for us but we'll survive! Anything doesn't kill us will make us harder! The band now first will dig for a new keyboarder to hit the stage promoting the new songs and the forthcoming Maxi-CD. Meanwhile we will continue songwriting for our next album planned for 2008. We have to thank all the fans, journalists, fanzine-people and all other people supported us the last years like they did bigtime! You're great! Without your support a band is worth nothing! You make it worth to write and play music! Thank you! ...and if you think christmas is for wussies this year - maybe you'll meet this nice guy...

November, 6th 2007

Very bad news again! Because of his time consuming job and therefore a lack of time for the band and his instrument our longterm keyboarder and friend CARSTEN informed us he'll have to leave the band, yesterday. He'll do the rough recordings for our last new song FREE MY SOUL as a last official act for the band. At a time all things seemed to get forward in planning some gigs for the beginning of next year and also a new production we again got an asskick and again we'll have to start at point zero.
We now need a new keyboarder as fast as possible to keep things going! Any candidacies for the job including demo-mp3 & info to our email (use contact button!), please!

October, 5th 2007

Because of a computer crash there're some entries of our start page lost. Who cares...I'll just write some new ones!
Don't forget the new review of PARALLEL WORLDS published by NOCTURNAL HALL that's already available in our recviews section on the "links"-page! Again thanks a lot to the reviewer REVEREND and also the publisher of the mag DAJANA!
As CARSTEN is still around Vancouver/Canada for the next week we'll give him a surprise with a new song (which name I forgot despite DANY told me at last rehearsal...shame on me!) we're currently writing. As soon as it's finished we'll start to record the first 4 songs for the new album. Have fun and a nice weekend!

June, 27th 2007

Last Sunday DANY had her XXX Birthday! All the best and stay as you are! We hope you had a nice birthday whether the big party didn't happen! We are happy to congratulate in person on Thursday and we hope for the obligate crate of beer for the band!

April, 24th 2007

Check out our forums for actual news of our current rehearsals!

March, 20th 2007

CARSTEN celebrated his birthday last Saturday. Now the 5th decade begins! Happy birthday, bud!
We have some photos of the party on our "pictures"-page. Unfortunately DANY and DANIEL were not able to join.

March, 9th 2007

The first pic of DANY is now available on her profile (don't slobber, guys!). In view of her skill the first recordings featuring her voice will be available soon! Stay tuned!

February, 24th 2007

Another goofy story to tell...
As usual we were haunted by our luck in finding and losing new singers as MIRIAM finally made up her mind and finally found out that she's got apparently not enough time to do her job @ VANILLA REX because of her study and her cover band.
We all wish her good luck with her efforts in future! Better think first - then decide next time! ;)
So we had to find a new singer again. Feels like kind of an odyssey sometimes...but we were able to seamless fill the singer's position with a young lady DANIEL knows from one of his various Bands he played/plays. DANY (<--with "Y", that's important!) sang in several rock cover projects before and is a pretty cool and nice person to work with (she'll kill me for "nice" I think! hehehe!). Looking at our Forums you'll find a little diary I'm noting down short reports about our current rehearsals. Feel free to post your questions or remarks in this thread! DANY's Profile is already published, some photos and recordings of her performing will follow within the next few weeks.

February, 14th 2007

Great news to tell! The Israeli Metal online magazine METALIST published the review of PARALLEL WORLDS on 2nd this month. In view of the points we gained the review is not that bad, but...the major fault is: Neither anybody here is able to read Hebrew, nor there's any sign of a free translator to translate it! So we don't have a shit of a clue what these guys are writing! I will convert to Jewish Religion now to find somebody who's able to translate. After that I will quickly move back to atheism again! Just kidding...we desperately need anybody who translates the review...or I really will have to go to the synagogue here in town to get it translated...a new experience! Anybody who sends me the translation of the review will earn a VANILLA REX T-shirt and a copy of PARALLEL WORLDS for try your best people! Thanks a lot to our Israeli friends! Stay tuned for the next one to come! We will sing in Swahili then to get a real hard job to do for you guys! *lol*

January, 18th 2007

We have some news to spread: We had a hard year in searching an auditing for a new person having the ability and professionality to fit in the band and taking the lead singer's place. We think we now finally were successful in finding a young person called MIRIAM VOIGT. Thanks a lot to all folks contacted us, audited and/or took part of the band short time! Special thanks to VERA BREISIG for helping us out and for your understanding and friendship!
We now will continue our work with rehearsing, preparing for gigs and writing new songs. We will have some new recordings with MIRIAM VOIGT performing on vocals within the next weeks. Also some new photos of and with MIRIAM will be available. Let's open a new chapter of VANILLA REX!

January, 2nd 2007

We added a new link to a nice metal online fanzine to our "links" page. Check out tons of information and photos of your favourite bands

December, 26th 2006

As this motherf..fine old guy of Santa will not appear this year we finally have a little Christmas present for you:
We lowered the prices for all our CDs, MCs and merch this week! So if our music was too expensive (haha!) so far and not affordable for you: It's your turn now to buy! Also we have added some FULL SONGS for download on our "discography" page! Have fun! CHEERS!

December, 17th 2006

As the worldwide news stated yesterday CHRISTMAS will be cancelled this year because of a tragical accident.
So don't waste your time in waiting for any presents showing up!
The brutal truth: You will finally get none!

December, 2nd 2006

DANIEL is now back in business having to use sound absorbers from now on but finally we're rehearsing again. As soon as we have our recording equipment ready to go we hopefully can publish some new recordings very soon. We will have a few auditions left until we will have a break for christmas days and family issues. After this we will go forward working towards our next production.
Stay tuned for news to come and big thanks to all the folks for listening to our music and giving feedback to us the past year again! Also a big THANK YOU to all friends, families, business partners and print/online magazines for all help, promotion, understanding and fellowship! You're great in making it worthy to compose,record and play our music for you folks and not least for ourselves!

November, 7th 2006

Bad news first: As DANIEL was affected by an acute hearing loss about 2 weeks ago we had to spend our time in adjusting the new studio equipment without rehearsing or writing any new stuff. As DANIEL's doctor stated he will be able to play again for the next 2 or 3 weeks. Because of danger losing his complete audition DANIEL has to quit playing music until he's completely cured. Sometimes it seems we're chained to disaster!
In the meantime I started to work on some pages about my guitars. If you're interested in my gear click the links on my profile page to learn a little bit about my favourite guitars. I will update these pages with more guitars and news about them from time to time.

October, 20th 2006

Some news for you: We shortly have updated our studio equipment to be ready for a new production. A better 48/24 channel mixing console and a new Integrated Software/Hardware Music System (connoisseurs will know) were bought. We will publish new recordings asap as well as up to date photos.

October, 3rd 2006

We had less news in the past weeks, we know. Hey, we all have private li(f)es and jobs, incidently!
VERA i.e. has a car breaking down every single month, hahahaha! I hear you say "wow! She's got the same type of car I own!"
--- Break for a moment of thought! ---
Short said: Currently we are working on a live set, we wrote 2 new songs, we are working on 2 ideas, we're training VERA in singing and fitting to the bunch of lunatics, we will come out soon with some recordings of older songs sung by VERA.
So stay tuned for more!

July, 25th 2006

As always right to the point we're publishing the first recordings with VERA BREISIG. You can find them scrolling the "links" page whole down. We were a little bit "running low" the last few weeks, because of sitting between 2 chairs without a singer but it made reality. So we decided to have a break for the next 2 weeks for holidays. Everybody: Get your heads free of the VR-Stuff and please come back really refreshed! After the little break we will go further. Watch out!

July, 23rd 2006

Hi Folks! We know we are rare about news and updates for the site these days, but things are going on and we are working on it! Currently we are working with a feamale singer/songstress (nice word!) came up after an advertisement and showed up as a musician Klaus worked with in his sideproject BLACK COUNTESS in the 90s! She answered to the advertisement without any knowledge who the person was searching a singer. There was a welcoming bigtime meeting again after all these years and we all arranged to try to create some uprising stuff out of the old and newer material. We are working for several weeks together now and I can say things go very well! We'll try to let have you part on the process making VANILLA REX again a conspiracy of maniacs with a girl included - or vice versa. Whatever... You will have the chance to check out by listening to the forthcoming demo tracks including the voice of VERA BREISIG. Keep hungry! Cheers!

June, 6th 2006

Another update shortly after the last! Today i was noticed about the German online fanzine UNDERGROUND EMPIRE published a review of PARALLEL WORLDS with their last update. We want to thank Stefan Glas of UNDERGROUND EMPIRE and especially the editor of the review, Walter Scheurer, very much for their awesome support! Cheers guys!

June, 4th 2006

The Online magazine from Poland Gondolin has published a review of PARALLEL WORLDS. Due to the fact nobody is speaking Polish in the periphery of VANILLA REX we will try to find somebody out there who is able to translate. For all of you folks speaking Polish the review is linked on the review-page of PARALLEL WORLDS. The German online magazine sounds2move published a review of the METAL RENDEZVOUS VOL. II compilation. This review is available in German language in the "interviews..." section of our page.

April, 26th 2006

The Danish online magazine just has published a review of PARALLEL WORLDS. As ever, you can find it on our "links" page under the PARALLEL WORLDS cover. Some more news from the band: Meanwhile 2 new songs are completed. Prototype (working title) is a song ignited by DANIEL and is a minor opera with its nearly 9 minutes of recording time. The 2nd song is titled Rivers by now...and uuups, we did it again! 8 minutes of odd meters and melody. Maybe we are able to provide a "rough version" for download these days.

April, 2nd 2006

For all German speaking fans we have to refer to a small but excellent fanzine from Germany: ROCKTIMES. This fanzine is made from fans for fans and features all interesting styles of Rock music as there are Metal, Prog, Blues etc. A review of our album PARALLEL WORLDS" written by our friend Jogi Ruhenstroth is featured there as well. Jogi also prosecutes 2 interesting forums in German language.
Some news from the band: Because of the lack of singer candidates we decided to write new songs instead scheduling concerts. The candidates we audited either were not the ones we were looking for or decided to reject themselves. Maybe we will find a person who fits to the position during the year, who knows!? One is for sure: We are going ahead! We don't stop this way! As soon as we finish the first songs we will start to produce the next album - with or without a singer! Maybe the problem is that we are too big for a noname and not big enough for a professional...but hey, who cares!?

February, 25th 2006

A new review of PARALLEL WORLDS of German Metal fanzine BLOODDAWN is available on our reviews section. Thank you very much, guys!

February, 22nd 2006

I have been informed via email today that Clarissa died last Thursday in Kapstadt/ South Africa. The family would like to thank all givers lots for what they done for them! As the medical attendance for Clarissa was very expensive and the family still needs some money we would like you to donate further on. It will not ease any pain of mourning but maybe they don't have to be afraid being on the verge of ruin.
VANILLA REX offers their deepest sympathy to all the family of Clarissa! May she rest in peace.

February, 18th 2006

Transfer donations to following bank account:
Volksbank RheinAhrEifel eG
BLZ 577 615 91
KTO 9 937 460 005
Heading: Hilfe für Clarissa Sturm

January, 26th 2006

Good News for the winners of THE METAL OBSERVER CONTEST who are ANGRITT HAAKE, BERLIN (GERMANY) - URBAN STAAF, UPLANDS VASBY (SWEDEN) and last but not least SORIN STANCU, BRAILA (ROMANIA): Your copies of our latest album PARALLEL WORLDS are shipped today and right on the way to you! To all other participants: Thank you for taking part to the contest and don't bother! Just order your copy via one of the known sellers or here on the page via email! There's a copy left right for you! (good pun! *g*)

January, 25th 2006

The German Heavy Metal online fanzine METAL INSIDE has published a review of PARALLEL WORLDS these days. You can find the link under "Reviews of PARALLEL WORLDS" on our "links" page.

January, 15th 2006

As we are still auditing for a new singer and writing some new songs in the same time for testing the candidates' songwriting ability, we request some patience from all other interested persons because of taking up time to cast everybody as long as we arrive at a decision! So everybody gets his chance!
We also updated the "Info"-page with a band-bio.

January, 3rd 2006

We hope you all arrived to the new year very well! The first month of 2006 starts up very well for VANILLA REX though! We are featuring the german/canadian online webzine THE METAL OBSERVER as FEATURED BAND OF THE MONTH! TMO also published the review of PARALLEL WORLDS and an interview with KLAUS. Not enough for now VANILLA REX provided 3 copies of the actual album PARALLEL WORLDS for the THE METAL OBSERVER CONTEST. Click this link:

to check out the TMO site to take part and win a copy of PARALLEL WORLDS!!!

December, 21st 2004

VANILLA REX wishes all of you merry christmas and a happy new year 2006!
We hope you all had a nice and successful year with lots of fun and enjoyed our music! We grant you the same for the next! Go for it! VANILLA REX hope you all will support the band even the next years as you did this year and 2004!
The band now first will dig for a new singer to hit the stage promoting PARALLEL WORLDS. Meanwhile we will continue songwriting for our next album planned for 2007. We have to thank all the fans, journalists, fanzine-people and all other people supported us the last years like they did bigtime! You're great! Without your support a band is worth nothing! You make it worth to write and play music! Thank you!
...and if you miss your presents for christmas this year - maybe that's the reason...

December, 15th 2005

A new review of SHADOWS OF INSANITY is published by German METAL HAMMER magazine. Hey guys, you needed just one year to review the CD! Just keep training and a few years on you'll finally understand Prog! ;-)

December, 9th 2005

VANILLA REX is feeling sorry about announcing the parting with singer ANDI WAGENER. After a long clarifying discussion yesterday evening the band and ANDI decided to go separate ways from now on. Again job related reasons according to familiar issues and a lack of time for the band and the music made it impossible for him to do his job the way it had been necessary to. The band and ANDI divided as friends without grief. Do it good, bud! CYA!

November, 30th 2005

PARALLEL WORLDS made it, as equal as SHADOWS OF INSANITY earlier this year, to THE UNDERGROUND TIP OF THE WEEK at the Austrian Metal online magazine! Big thanks to Alex des Loges and his crew for their most refined taste! You can read the review in German language written by Alex in our "reviews of PARALLEL WORLDS"-section on the "links"-page.

November, 29th 2005

Peter Bigalke from German online fanzine METALSPHERES had an interview with KLAUS on the phone. Read all about radical haircuts, silly bandnames, titles below the 10 minutes border and what all that stuff has to do with the new album PARALLEL WORLDS. Thanks for the nice talk, Peter!
The interview is in German language and linked at our "interviews"-page.

November, 15th 2005

Jan, better known as METAL ANGEL of french online-fanzine SPIRIT OF METAL has done some great work and wrote reviews of PARALLEL WORLDS and SHADOWS OF INSANITY. They're linked on the meanwhile wellknown places on our website!

Sometimes the prophet has to go to foreign lands to establish at home! This common saying fits perfectly to the little story happened these days: An email arrived from ELSE'S METAL MAILORDER from Werl, Germany for some samples of our Cds. I asked how they recognized the band and if it was a hint of somebody (man always should know who and where his friends are!)? So Dirk from ELSE'S told me he saw an advertisement from VANILLA REX in the catalogue of SECRET PORT RECORDS from Greece! So if you are interested in VANILLA REX you don't have to go via Greece stringently! Just contact and order here on our website or on the internet @ HELLION RECORDS,, ELSE'S METAL MAILORDER, SPIRIT OF (France) or! It maybe the cheaper and faster way! *g*

October, 29th 2005

The first reviews of PARALLEL WORLDS are out on the streets and linked on our "links"-page! Deep inside we should have known the record is as good as journalists write about it! We want to thank all the people writing the reviews a lot for their work and support they give to the band! Guys you're great! Keep on pushing the underground! *Thumbs up!!!*

October, 25th 2005

The first reviews of PARALLEL WORLDS are published and linked on the "REVIEWS OF PARALLEL WORLDS"-page. It seems that we didn't do wrong this much with the album!? We are very happy people enjoying the album that much so far. We are rehearsing now for our live performance appearing on stage the next months. Also we are writing some new tunes. Maybe there will be one or another new song on our forthcoming concerts.

For our live activities we need a small crew consisting of 1 or 2 stagehands, a guitar-tech, a drum-tech and a bass- and keyboard-tech! You should be 18+ and should have lots of sparetime at weekends! Best you live in a town near Koblenz and have any knowledge about the technique and the instrument you're interested in to work for. All details (such as payment) will be explained at a meeting you'll be invited to after you emailed us. If you're interested hurry up and mail to the email under "contact".

October, 11th 2005

Our new Album PARALLEL WORLDS is out now! The CDs arrived from the manufacturer today and will hit the shops and distributers the next days. Also the promos will be sent to the magazines an all other reviewers the next days. All copies ordered directly via email will be shipped as soon the payment arrives to the band! Check out the "discography"-page for a pre-listening to PARALLEL WORLDS and get your copy now!

September, 29th 2005

PARALLEL WORLDS is pre-published now on what means you can download all songs of the album there completely as mp3-files. The files all have a variable bitrate for best sound in nearly CD-quality. Also the album is cheaper there as we don't have the CD production costs. The price for GENIUS DIARY also dropped to € 4,99! So go for it!!!

September, 20th 2005

Yesterday the new pre-mastering was done and now we are able and happy to announce PARALLEL WORLDS is ready to go!
CARSTEN is busy doing the last corrections to the artwork until Thursday and the work is finished. We will publish some new soundclips of the songs the next days on our "discography"-page!!! Also we will change the full song download for the ROCK HARD voting (which was a fast mastered preview) to the official album track! So it is worth to download the nearly 10 MB again these days!
As we speak: Please feel free to vote for us at the ROCK HARD voting! We need your votes more than all the f...... buttfaces of politicians on the screens these days!!!

September, 13th 2005

As we recognized some failures in the pre-masters of PARALLEL WORLDS we deserved to involve our friend PETER DÜMMLER again, who also mastered SHADOWS OF INSANITY. He will do the final mastering now on next Monday, so we are able to announce the official release date of PARALLEL WORLDS finally will be the 10th of October!

August, 18th 2005

Some changes appeared on our "discography"-page! Check out the cover artwork of our new album PARALLEL WORLDS! Carsten again did a really good job! Planned publication date for the album is 10th of September. Sry to you all that it lasted this long!
Again we want you all to vote for us at the ROCK HARD ONLINE Underground section! Please do us this little favor to help us to get rich and famous! *g*

August, 16th 2005

The German major Metal magazine ROCK HARD is featuring VANILLA REX in the underground section of their homepage. You can find the link to our RH-bandpage on "links"-page. On the page you find the ROCK HARD review of SHADOWS..., the short-biography of VANILLA REX and a special edit of the opener of our forthcoming album PARALLEL WORLDS "AWAKEN THE SPHINX" as a full download (9,6 MB)!!! The only things you have to do is to register, login and download! Please vote for us after registering to give us the chance to take part of the next ROCK HARD UNERHÖRT!-SAMPLER! Thank you in advance! Notice: The version of "AWAKEN THE SPHINX" is not the album version! It's a special premastered version and downloadable exclusively on the ROCK HARD page!

August, 6th 2005

As days go by....could be the title of the production of PARALLEL WORLDS. Only 2 guitar leads are necessary to be recorded and all recordings are done. 6 tracks are already mixed and it's only a matter of days we are finished. Carsten has worked out the first outline of the cover artwork. Maybe he will be so kind to authorize a preview for these pages to let you have a look on it!? We now will have a little break during the next week as KLAUS will marry his longtime girlfriend UTE on friday, so he won't have any time to think of working in the studio.Stay tuned for more news and previews of the completed songs to come!

July, 23rd 2005

All bad things are 3! CARSTEN was forced to go to hospital at Thursday with kidney colics. A kidney-stone was removed on endoscopical way yesterday. With a little luck CARSTEN will be back in the streets on Monday. All the best wishes from the band on this way, bud! (...too old to rock - too young to die!)
An underground-compilation including VANILLA REX' song SHADOWS OF INSANITY will be out at beginning of August. That was announced by the producing label ZERO2 RECORDS. Nearby VANILLA REX there will be much more interesting underground acts like ODIUM or SCAPEGOAT and many more on this compilation. We will let you know on these pages when and where the sampler will be available. It's planned as an inset for a music-magazine and for selling in stores and over internet. As a matter of course the compilation will be available on our homepage, too! We wish you all a nice weekend and .... stay healthy!

July, 16th 2005

As announced some new soundclips from the forthcoming album are available at our "discography"-page. Stay tuned for more to come soon!

July, 13th 2005

SHADOWS OF INSANITY is now available at CDEAL for worldwide distribution via internet. Check out the link at "discography"-page to purchase your copy! The recordings for PARALLEL WORLDS are slowly coming to an end. We will udate our site with some new teasers for the album asap!

June, 30th 2005

The German metal magazine ROCK HARD has published a short review of SHADOWS... in it's last issue. We have linked the article to our "reviews"-page. There's added a link to the ROCK HARD homepage to our "fan-mags"-page, too. Also VANILLA REX was asked to participate to the ROCK HARD UNDERGROUND section of their homepage. Some selected bands have the chance to present the band and it's music there. The best-voted bands will be published on one of the ROCK HARD UNERHÖRT! cds - a good option for a following record contract! So please be so kind to vote for VANILLA REX! We'll let you know and set a link as soon the page is up!

June, 16th 2005

After a few weeks suffering illness and a few days in hospital with an operation KLAUS is back in service now. So we are finally able to continue the works at PARALLEL WORLDS. We are going on recording the last guitar- and vocaltracks the next few weeks. After that, the mixing and mastering will take about 2 more weeks and it will be done! The final tracklisting and a preview of the cover-artwork will follow soon on this page. Stay tuned!

May, 28th 2005

It's like a disease! After DANIEL is well and back now KLAUS is homebound with some kind of icterus (maybe caused by the new restaurant opened shortly???). As the doctor said he will be out of order for several weeks, so the release of PARALLEL WORLDS will be delayed again. A big sorry for that but SHIT HAPPENS!

May, 13th 2005

SHADOWS OF INSANITY is now available at SECRET PORT RECORDS, Greece. You can order it there via mailorder for the sensational cheap price of 5€! Follow the link to SECRET PORT RECORDS on our "links"-page and go to the "mailorder"-page on Big thanks to THEODOSIS for spreading our product in his country!

May, 7th 2005

In cause of DANIEL'S illness (he got a bad laryngitis - I never saw a good one, by the way) we had to delay the recordings of the last few tracks for the album the last weeks. Not to be lazy KLAUS started mixing the finished tracks and nearby the band wrote a nice classical intro for the record. Next week we will continue the recordings and we hope to be ready for mastering last week of may. You can find 2 more new reviews of SHADOWS... in the "reviews" section - one in english and another one for the german-speaking community. So stay prog and tuned for our forthcoming strike!

April, 20th 2005

We got a new review out now published by the German online-fanzine VATES NOCTIS. You can follow the link under "Reviews of SHADOWS..". Also we linked to the mag on our "fan-mags"-page. Stay tuned for more upcoming news from the recordings to PARALLEL WORLDS on these pages and in our forum, soon! We are happy to announce SHADOWS OF INSANITY made it to the UNDERGROUND TIP OF THE WEEK this week at! Thank you for supporting our music this way folks!

April, 15th 2005

The Austrian online-magazine has published a new review of SHADOWS... yesterday. You can find the link, as always, on our "reviews"-page. We also did an interview for where you can read the latest statements of the band. It will be linked on our pages as soon it's online on the site. Meanwhile the recordings for the last songs of the album THE WINGED SERPENT, GONE WITH THE TIDE and the bonustrack are in progress. We will publish some previews of the new songs as soon as they're finished. The album-title is also chosen. The new record is called PARALLEL WORLDS. Stay tuned for upcoming news!

April, 4th 2005

You are able to download the complete album GENIUS DIARY and the Maxi-CD SHADOWS OF INSANITY as mp3 from MP3.DE now! The downloads are in variable bitrate for the best sound. Choose your favourite songs or download the full material of the records!

April, 1st 2005

New supporters!

We are proud to announce that VANILLA REX could manage a contract with german police to support us and do some advertising for the band!
As we all know the times are not the best and even the money for the police is low. So we suggested to help out the government of the Rhineland with some money for giving some advertising space on their police cars to VANILLA REX. The government agreed and we finally could manage to get some VANILLA REX LOGOS on all police cars of the Rhineland. Also it's planned to change the police siren to some VANILLA REX guitar- and keyboardsolos soon!

March, 27th 2005

Here are some news again: First we'd like to thank Georgios Sidiropoulos of Greek magazine Rock On who published a short-notice including a foto of VANILLA REX on the underground pages of the new issue of his magazine. It's written in Greek language so we don't even understand what he wrote there but we will try to manage a translation somehow (...maybe during the next dinner in our favourite Greek restaurant...). We are very sad to announce that DARKLAND KOBLENZ, gothic-fashion and jewellery shop, has closed it's doors and does not longer exist. So we lost another great shop for goods and fashion for people aside mainstream and also a seller of our Cds as well. All the best for your people's coming efforts in business! We also have to announce the complete songs from SHADOWS OF INSANITY beeing ready to download as mp.3-files soon from to enable people to download and buy it normally would not be able to. Please notice that the full downloads are not free of charge! Also the older songs of GENIUS DIARY will be charged for downloading the full version from in future. Please understand that even musicians have expenses! So music has its costs because even for the bands there's nothing for free! Quality has to be paid - that simple it is!
Musically VANILLA REX does a little break during the holidays. Next week we will continue recordings with the basic tracks for THE WINGED SERPENT and will work on the bonus-track to give it a fresh and new outfit. So the release of the coming output will be delayed for about 2 months.

March, 15th 2005

VANILLA REX LOGO-T-SHIRTS are available now. Take a look on our "Discography"-page for more information.







March, 11th 2005

We want to congratulate the 3 winners from Austria, Canada and the USA, as assigned, of the THE METAL OBSERVER CONTEST very much and hope they enjoy the CD and place the stickers well! Hope we got 3 more fans for VANILLA REX! Stay tuned for the album coming soon in the next few months!
As I say...we finished writings for the next song THE WINGED SERPENT. Now only 1 lasts for workout and the recordings and we will come out and play again. We will have a little surprise for all the buyers and downloaders of our GENIUS DIARY album! All I can tell now is that perhaps one wellknown song of GENIUS DIARY will appear in a 2005 version as a bonus track on the new one. Stay tuned and wait for the following messages and previews!

February, 28th 2005

You can win now 3 copies of SHADOWS OF INSANITY at THE METAL OBSERVER contest. The contest lasts until 6th of March. Check out the TMO mainpage to take part. The only thing you have to do is answer just one little question so you have the chance to get your copy of SHADOWS... for free. You'll find the link to the page at our "fanzines & magazines"-page.

February, 25th 2005

VANILLA REX is "on air" now on THE METAL OBSERVER RADIO, an online radio-station playing all kinds of metal from signed and unsigned bands. Follow the link on our "links"-page to join! We are still busy in recording and writing for the album. The nearer we come to the end the harder the work gets, it seems. While we are recording GONE WITH THE TIDE, a straighter track with a hard staccato riffing. "OK! It's done! Let's take it as it is!" -- quote Carsten after rehearsing the pilot-track. *g*

February, 17th 2005

The reviews of BARIKADA.COM (Serbia) and POWERMETAL.DE (Germany) are added to the "Reviews"-section. Also we added the links to the magazines to the "Fanzines & magazines"-section. The German translation of the BARIKADA.COM review will follow soon! It is not so easy to find some Serbian people here to translate it but we will work on it!

February, 9th 2005

UPDATE: 2 new previews added to "previews"-section of discography-page.

February, 6th 2005

We added 2 preview-samples of the violin-tunes from THY WILL BE DONE as mp3-files to our "discography"-page now. You will find them under the PREVIEWS SECTION. There you will be also able to find some more previews (roughmixes) of the new songs from the forthcoming album from time to time.

February, 3rd 2005

The recordings of the violin-tracks of THY WILL BE DONE are done today.
It was an impressing experience to work with a classical musician as DAN VIORICA! He did an outstanding session and we had a lot of fun during the recordings. Some more cooperation with him and a few more musicians of his orchestra will follow, we hope! Plans for that are already there. In case of that we updated the "pics"-section of our site with some photos of DAN recording our tunes. Watch out for a preview of some parts of THY WILL BE DONE including the violin-tunes ready for downloading on our "discography"-page these days!

January, 26th 2005

The german online metal-magazine METAL.DE-THE DARK SIDE published another review of SHADOWS OF INSANITY. Just click the link on our "fan-mag"-page. The review is written in german language. Thank you for the nice work!

January, 24th 2005

Now available!


    • PRICE: € 2,- / incl. SHIPPING in Germany
    • 8,5 x 5,5 cm, 4-colour print, weather-resistent pvc, sticks like hell!
    • tunes your car, motorcycle, mailbox, fridge, entrance, back-entrance, girlfriend, pet...what the ultimate performance!

    January, 23rd 2005

    UPDATE! We changed the layout of the "links"-page a little so you will have a better overview.
    We separated the reviews sorted after the recording and after german or english language on 2 new pages. There will be some more lesser changes in future i.e. availability of the site in german language, too. Stay tuned! We work on it!

    NEWS: The call of SHADOWS OF INSANITY spreads all over Europe. After Belgium, The Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Bosnia and Serbia now some nice people from magazines and radio stations from England, Austria and France announced interest in our work and to promote the band in their countries. You all will get your promo-stuff as soon as we wrapped all the stuff, take that for a promise! We have to pronounce we are very happy about everybody promoting the music and VANILLA REX in his country so we can reach as much publicity as we can! Last not least we have to thank you all a lot for your work in playing or reviewing our material! We take care of the people taking care of us - today and in future!

    January, 17th 2005

    Another new review of SHADOWS OF INSANITY is online now. "Underground Guru" STEFAN GLAS voted at his webzine Underground Empire with 12 points, what means "impressing" in his voting-scheme. Thank you for your efforts, Stefan! Also new is the review of VAMPSTER.COM that shows a different meaning about the CD. The reviews are in German language and are linked on our "links"-page.

    January, 14th 2005

    A new review of SHADOWS OF INSANITY is online now. The METAL OBSERVER awarded it with 8 of 10 points. Read the whole review on our "links"-page!

    January, 11th 2005

    Guess what....!?!?!?!?.....We can add a new review to "links"-page again today. The german online fanzine METAL INSIDE.DE reviewed SHADOWS... on their page. Thanks a lot for another nice review! We also added the link to the METAL INSIDE website to our "links"-page. IMPORTANT REMARK!!! Don't fail to look at our forum periodically! The latest news and other important and less important but funny stuff you can find there! Only click on the button "FORUM" and don't miss to register to talk with and about the band and other subjects!

    January, 9th 2005

    Again we can add a new review to "links"-page. The Dutch fanzine STRUTTER MAGAZINE reviewed SHADOWS... on their page. Thanks a lot for your nice review! We also added the link to the fanzine to our "links"-page.

    January,8th 2005

    We hope you all got right and in one piece into the new year! Here are the latest news from the band: First we updated our pictures-section with new stuff from the recording sessions and "a christmas thing". The recordings for the album are going on. Next take ready to be recorded will be the violin on THY WILL BE DONE. We managed to get DAN VIORICA, 1st violinist from the RHINELAND PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA for it. Dan got a copy of SHADOWS... and he likes it. We asked him to record some tunes for our album and he agreed!
    Thank you a lot for your appearance, Dan! Meanwhile we are writing on and on and we can give you an (so far) incomplete tracklist for the album:

    8. MASS-ACRE OF INTELLI-GENTS (work title)

  • Too little tracks I hear you say? Think of the circumstance our titles are at minimum about 6:30 mins at lenght. You will get value for money as always, we promise!

    December, 26th 2004

    Another new review of SHADOWS OF INSANITY is published on HELLION RECORDS HOMEPAGE where you can buy the CD, too!
    You also find it on our "links"-page.

    December, 21st 2004

    VANILLA REX wishes all of you merry christmas and a happy new year 2005!
    We hope you stay in touch with the band and have fun with our tunes. The new year will bring you our new album and some little secrets we can't tell yet. We thank all of you for your support (especially Stefan Sileghem of Metal to Infinity) and listening to our music! We will prog you 2005! Cheers!

    December, 16th 2004

    A new review of SHADOWS OF INSANITY is published at German magazine Heavy Oder Was.
    You also find it on our "links"-page.

    December, 10th 2004

    As confirmed by latest news guitarist DARREL LANCE ABOTT, better known as DIMEBAG DARREL (ex-Pantera) of DAMAGEPLAN was shot on stage during a concert the day before yesterday at Columbus/Ohio. With him there died 3 people of the audience and the assassin, who was shot by a policeman. R.I.P. guys! You're a big loss!
    Another big reason for the government of the US of A to think about their laws for firearms! It's a poor age for a poor country when there is a chance for a lunatic to shoot artists off the stage! Who lives with the sword dies by the sword!

    December, 6th 2004

    A few days ago we loaded a short version of WASTED LIFE from our new CD SHADOWS OF INSANITY up to! Download the song there! It's free!
    As we have the forum up now only big news will appear on the main page in future! Minor announcements will be posted to the forums only. So check out the forums and sign in to be fully informed of the band and what's going on! Also you can give us your opinion and have a talk with the band and other fans.

    November, 26th 2004

    VANILLA REX is dealing with Secret Port Records (Greece) for distribution of "Shadows Of Insanity" via mailorder in Greece! The CD will be available for our Greek fans soon and will feature the next issue of the mailorder-catalogue of Secret Ports Records! Watch out and get your copy!

    November, 15th 2004

    Some more news for ya'! The guestbook, that came as a pop-up window is thrown out because of more and more use of pop-up blockers, so that people didn't know how they could visit it! We are now participating on
    GEARJAMMER SOUNDTALK, what's a forum for and about Rock- and Metalmusic! There will maybe some more interesting bands of the genres in a few weeks.
    VANILLA REX has it's own threads at this forum so feel free to post anything related to the band and its music or just use it to say hello or chat with the band-members! I hope you all will register and log into this to let us have some nice talks!

    November, 13th 2004

    Belgian metal online magazine METAL TO INFINITY featured us as "band of the week" on it's "They'll bring you metal" page these days.
    Now Stef is up with some reviews of our older demo-tapes and our 2 maxi-CDs! You can find the link on our "links"-area!
    We would like to thank Stef a lot for his great service to the metal underground! We respect his attitude for the metal movement as he's doing a great job for underground bands all over the world also we want you to support his website to get the breaking news of the metal underground worldwide!
    Check out the links to METAL TO INFINITY on our "links"-page!

    November, 5th 2004

    Update on "discography"-page! Hellion Records sells SHADOWS... now! Use the link to their homepage to purchase your copy!
    It's just a matter of time the CD will arrive to SENTINEL STEEL RECORDS for the US of A, too! So please wait until SHADOWS... appears on their website before order!
    We added some new photos of the recordings of next song THY WILL BE DONE to "pictures"-page, too.

    November, 3rd 2004

    You find a new review from of SHADOWS OF INSANITY on and Klaus' gear on on "links"-page!

    October, 27th 2004

    VANILLA REX is in contract negotiations with some recordlabels from Europe and Japan. The band is meanwhile busy in writing and recording some new songs for the full-length album planned for release early 2005!
    More to come soon!

    October, 20th 2004


    October, 5th 2004

    UPDATE ONCE AGAIN! You are able to download parts of our new songs SHADOWS OF INSANITY, WASTED LIFE and LOSING ALL from
    SHADOWS OF INSANITY MAXI-CD on "discography"-page now!
    October, 13th EDIT: Replaced the 128Kbit/s mp3-files with 192Kbit/s. They're a little bigger but they'll do better promotion to the sound - Isn't it great?

    September, 28th 2004

    UPDATE AGAIN! The coverart for SHADOWS OF INSANITY is finished! It's fitting right to the title, we think!
    Hope you'll like it!
    SHADOWS OF INSANITY contains 3 songs: SHADOWS OF INSANITY, as the title, WASTED LIFE and LOSING ALL. The transparent jewel-case contains a 4-colour, 4-page booklet with all lyrics. The cover is also printed on the CD. Releasedate will be 1st of October. There will be manufactured only 200 pieces in the first edition, so pre-order your copy before it's sold-out! More about prices on "discography"-page.

    September, 25th 2004

    ANOTHER UPDATE! You are able to download TEARS OF A GARGOYLE from GENIUS DIARY on "discography"-page now. After we mastered the upcoming MAXI-CD SHADOWS OF INSANITY at Merlin Sound Studio next week there will be some previews of the songs on same page soon!
    Stay tuned and stay heavy!

    September, 22nd 2004

    UPDATE! On "pictures"-page you can download a VANILLA REX logo as provider-logo for your NOKIA mobile!
    Also you can download the beginning of the guitar solo of SEED OF LIFE as a MIDI-file for use as a ringtone on NOKIA and other mobiles!
    More to come, soon! Have fun!

    September, 9th 2004

    UPDATE!"Links"-area shows a new link to belgian underground metal magazine METAL TO INFINITY. Read the Interview and support the magazine! Stefan's doing great and important work for all underground bands worldwide!

    August, 29th 2004

    UPDATES!!! Uploaded 2 Songs of GENIUS DIARY-album.You can download REQUIEM IN RED and DREAMQUEST at "Discography"-area now.
    Added links to Parryzide and Merlin Sound Studio to "Links"-area

    August, 18th 2004

    The release of "Shadows..." is delayed until end of September because of VANILLA REX is dealing around with some record-industry to complete some contract with. About hating business-stuff of the game! Today it's nothing serious but what we know is that there will be a different cover-art for the MAXI. So forget the Cover shown below! Carsten is working on it. If you want to pre-order the CD write a short email and we will contact you for shipping asap!
    Updates! You'll find a new band-pic on the Info page. This is like we are looking with DANIEL...almost not better, but much younger! (winks at Buddy) :P
    At the moment we are caught in writing new songs to "complete a full-lenght album"...we will get a double-pack-CD if it's marching on this way. *g*
    Stay tuned!

    June, 11th 2004

    Brandnew 3-Track Maxi-CD


    Shadows Of Insanity
    Wasted Life
    Losing All

    About 28 minutes powerful progressive Metal is nearly ready for you!
    SHADOWS OF INSANITY bases on a poem of T.S. Elliot - "The hollow men". The song was written for and first presented live at an art-performance of some artists from our hometown. Later we did a little "finetuning" to the song, not at least with some help from my mate FRANZ "TELE" BACKES whose ideas made SHADOWS... sound as it sounds now in the new version.
    WASTED LIFE / LOSING ALL are 2 songs matching to each other. They are parts I and II of a desperate lovestory...but read the lyrics.
    The sneak preview .mp3 was downloadable on our LINKS page 'til Sunday, 13/06/2004! HOPE YOU CHECKED IT OUT!

    May, 21st 2004

    Added link to Blinded by Rage, a new side project of DANIEL. The guy is playing a lot!
    We recorded leadguitars last 2 weeks and prepared for mixing. Finally we'll do the backing-vocals and a lil' bit of overdubs for the next 2 weeks and it'll be done! A roughmixed preview of a new song will appear on this page soon! Watch out!

    May, 6th 2004

    Added link to VICIOUS RUMORS. Corrected link to Metal Observer Review

    April, 12th 2004

    The recordings are coming closer to an end. DANIEL did his last bassparts for WASTED LIFE on Saturday as KLAUS recorded some more "Special Rhythm Guitars" (No! These are not the ones that are in tune! All guitars are well tuned! It means "with special sounds"! *grrrr*) last week. All we have to do now are some overdubs and the backing-vocals before we are going to have a break of 10 days
    (with no music at all!) before the mixdown. Watch out for the pre-albumrelease limited MAXI-CD with 3 songs called
    SHADOWS OF INSANITY!!! Public release at the end of May!
    Changes on website: Virtual Volume - Link deleted because of inactivity of VV-portal, Track4-banner added.

    March, 28th 2004

    Updated info pages. DANIEL'S info is now available.
    Unfortunately we don't have a new group-photo yet so you'll find DANIEL by clicking BUDDY *g*

    March, 21st 2004

    The work on the new, so far untitled album is going on and on. DANIEL has finished bassguitars to 2 songs and ANDI was able to record the few last takes of the vocals. Meanwhile CARSTEN worked out some more keyboards. The songs are growing especially under the influence of DANIEL'S technical bassplaying. You will hear sort of brandnew VANILLA REX never heard this kind of progressive and symphonic style in our music before. We are now working on additional guitar-tracks before we are going to record the solos, backing-vocals and overdubs.
    Watch out for a first preview of a new song on this site at the end of April!

    February, 28th 2004

    Good news today! We are proud to present our new guy at bass-guitar: DANIEL KOHN is a 22years young bassplayer and a student of Jazz and Rock bassguitar at Cologne University of Music. He did an outstanding performance recording the first track to AWAKEN THE SPHINX also he fits that well into the band that there was no reason for any discussions but just to say: "You're the man! You're in!" He will help to force our music to a more than ever Progressive Metal style of playing and writing. DANIEL grabbed his 6-Stringer, came in, plugged in and played the what the f..k!? Let's go on! :)
    Check out the pics of his first recordings on pictures-page!

    February, 10th 2004

    Bad news! Our longtime member, brother, friend and bassplayer BUDDY HOPPEN had to leave the band for personal/job-related reasons 2 weeks ago. We are all very sad about his decision and say good bye with best wishes for your future! Auditions for a new bassplayer are still going. We will announce asap who will be the new one and what are his sexual preferences! ;) *g* For 3 songs the bass recordings already are finished and BUDDY offered to us to play the full recordings but we also want the coming new guy to play some tracks for the new album. Time will tell what to do.
    Meanwhile in a comfortable and well heated studio nearby......: The basic guitars of the first 4 songs are done while we are going on with vocals and, of course, CARSTEN'S keyboard tracks performed on his brandnew Triton.
    Added some more pictures of the recording sessions.

    January, 29th 2004

    We added a reviews section to the links page. As it will grow we will probably do a "reviews"-page in future. Also we are planing to create a download area with songs and small videos as soon as possible. Feel free to sign our guestbook for comments about the Genius Diary-review of!

    January, 9th 2004

    We hope you all got well into 2004! After a short break of about 10 days in cause of illness (damn flu) we did some additional tracks. The rythm guitars of 3 songs are done and first vocal- and keyboardtunes are recorded - I promise the sound will be amazing! Some primary roughmixes blow the hell out the speakers! We added some more pictures of the recordings.

    December, 23rd 2003

    VANILLA REX wishes all fans and friends of the band MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! ROCK ON IN 2004!

    December, 13th 2003

    Added some first pics of the recording sessions to pictures section

    December, 09th 2003

    Bassrecordings are going on. BUDDY did 2 Songs complete (except some tricky overdubs) and will finish recordings for AWAKEN... and SHADOWS... later this week. Meanwhile CARSTEN worked out the first keyboardtracks. Recording of the basic-guitars will start this week, too. We're on the way! :P
    Links to SUN CAGED and RAGE are added to links section

    November, 24th 2003

    Tonight we will record the drums for LOSING ALL and stop drumrecording for a while until we have recorded the missing basictracks (Bass, Rhythmguitars, Keyboards) of the first 4 Songs. WASTED LIFE is ready to go for the bassrecordings later this week. Simultaneous songwriting for the next tunes of the album will go on. Check out following news for new songs!
    As MP3.COM will close it's doors on Dec. 2nd we will watch out for a new distribution portal for our older tracks and maybe a preview of the current recordings. Downloads are still available at, and VIRTUAL VOLUME. Check out the news and the linklist!

    November, 14th 2003

    We did the drumtrack of SHADOWS.. last week. Also we got some first basstunes for AWAKEN... BUDDY's new Yamaha 5-Stringer will really punch balls out! *g* ANDI returned from a 4-week!!! carribean holiday and brought some can of delicious "all-inclusive"-sampled Whiskey filled in from the minibar every single day! rofl! :)

    October, 29th 2003

    Adjusting Drumsound is done now. DIRK recorded the drumtake of AWAKEN THE SPHINX last Saturday and it really kicks butt! We will go on with SHADOWS OF INSANITY.

    October, 1st 2003

    ANDI got his 31st birthday today! Congratulations from the band! Be spendable this time and bring more than one little sixpack! ;) Remember: Men and wine, both will get better growing older!

    September, 28th 2003

    We finished the next song called LOSING ALL within about 2 weeks. We are going to start the recordings for the new album at 3rd week in October. Stay tuned and watch out for news and pics from the recording sessions!

    September, 23th 2003

    For some important reason we filled in an "Impressum", friendly greetings to all lawyers with too much time.

    September, 12th 2003

    Hoooorray...our brand spanking new Homepage is online now. Cheers and kudos for it.
    And the best part, more content will soon show up.
    The page isn't finished yet, and will see new sections (downloads, concert reviews and press releases to name a few) in the near future.
    Visit it frequently to stay tuned with all the coming changes.

    September, 3rd 2003

    Tomorrow will be a big party! ANDI WAGENER will marry his Andrea. Congrats from the band this way, bud!

    August, 23rd 2003

    Songwriting and preproductions are going on. We are way to finish the 3rd new song called WASTED LIFE, a powerful midtempo-riffing piece of music with lots of melodies and solos.

    July, 9th 2003

    We are all out for summerholidays until middle of August.

    June, 21st 2003

    Finetuning of the mixingconsole and songwriting continues. 2nd new song AWAKEN THE SPHINX is ready to go. We started preproducing the new ones.

    Mai, 3rd 2003

    After tighten up and rehearsing the songs of GENIUS DIARY we are now busy in writing new songs and adjusting and testing the recording equipment. First song we got ready is called SHADOWS OF INSANITY, an epical tune after a story of H.P. Lovecraft. This song was first tested live at an art exhibition performance a few weeks ago.

    April, 26th 2003

    After a few weeks of work the new studio, called REXLAIR, is ready to Rock. We did a little party with a few friends to introduce the new room. As we fell down on the floor with our sleepingbags in the next morning nobody could remember where we were and wtf we were doing here!